Remachador Tronchador de Cadenas de Moto Medidas 420 428 520 525 528 530

Remachador Tronchador de Cadenas de Moto Medidas 420 428 520 525 528 530

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Chain Breaker / Cutter Tool
The item is a professional and practical bicycle & motorcycle Single chain breaker link splitter tool.
Which is mainly made of high-grade carbon steel material for durable to use.
This will significantly reduce the load on the tool and help prevent premature wear or damage to the breaking tips.
Color: Gray
Fit for:bicycle & motorcycle Single chain
Installation Instruction:
1. Unscrew bolt "A" so that the pin "C" is fully retracted into the bolt "B".
2. Unscrew bolt "B" and position the chain under "B", so that the
ends of the chain pin can fit into the holes "D" adn the bolt "B".
3. Thread bolt "B" in until the chain is clamped in place, against the hole "D".
4. Turn bolt "A" to push the chain pin head out of its plate.
5. Repeat the operation on the second pin of the link to be disassembled.
Package Included:
1 X Chain Breaker Splitter Cutter Rivet Remover Tool

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