Gato Elevador Manual para Coches 1.8 Toneladas

Gato Elevador Manual para Coches 1.8 Toneladas

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The scissor jack, with tooth gears, can extend from 80mm(close position) to 370mm, more than enough to lift most vehicles
Easy to operate using the chromed crank with speed handle
High quality material,stable and durable

Material: Steel
Color: Black
Minimum Height: About 80mm
Maximum Height: Approximately 370mm
Lifting: 1.8T
Size: 42.5 X 8 X 9.5cm

1. Follow the instructions below or ask the professionals for help.
2. Do not exceed rated capacity as designated by the height/capacity curve.(Sea below)
3. Use only on hard level surface.
4. Use for emergency tire changing only.
5. Never get beneath the vehicle when it is supported by the jack.
6. Activate the hazard warning flasher, turn off ignition, set parking brake, move automatic shift selector to park position. In case of a manual transmission, move gear selector into reverse position. In addition, the wheel diagonally opposite from the wheel being lifted shall be chocked in both directions.
7. Lift only on areas of the vehicle as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
8. Follow tire changing procedure as per the vehicle manufacturer's owner's manual.
9. No alterations shall be made to this product.

Before Use:
1. Check before each use for abnormal conditions such as cracked welds, leaks, damaged, loose or missing parts.
2. Inspect the jack immediately if lift is believed to have been subjected to an abnormal load or shock.
3. If the jack is found to be damaged, it should be removed from service until properly repaired.

Operating Instructions:
1. Insert the jack handle into the hole of the handle socket.
2. Make sure that the saddle is correctly positioned. To prevent damage to the jack, do not move the jack while the handle is intact in the socket.
3. To raise load, use one hand to hold the front part of the handle and use the other hand to turn at the rear and of the handle clockwise.
4. To lower load, use one hand to hold the front part of the handle and use the other hand to turn at the rear and of the handle counterclockwise slowly.

Universal fit for vehicles, electric scooters, motorcycles, car, van, trunk and so on

Package Included:
1 X Scissors Jack
1 X Chromed Crank Speed Handle

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