Kit 6 Piezas 5X Discos de Pulidora de Diferentes Durezas +1X Disco de Lana + 1X Adaptador Taladro

Kit 6 Piezas 5X Discos de Pulidora de Diferentes Durezas +1X Disco de Lana + 1X Adaptador Taladro

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Material: Sponge; Woolen
Pad Size: Wave Sponge Round Pad
Pads- Diameter: 150mm Thickness: 30mm
Handle- Diameter: 6mm Length: 26mm
Pads Color: Orange/black/blue/green/yellow/off-white


1.Individually polished direct use.
2.With the polishing liquid (paste, powder) used in conjunction with the surface to be polished to achieve better polishing effect.
3.Polishing before the procedure can handle the traces.
4.Easy to replace.
5.Advanced manufacturing technology, excellent selection, wool is soft and elastic,
natural fur fur in the polishing process,do not shed, is a natural eco-friendly materials.
6.Wool ball polishing series on the market and the vast majority of pneumatic,
electric polishing machine match.
7.Can be washed, re-use, to reduce cost, economical


1. Shake well before polishing agent force, in order to maintain a good effect.
2, All polishing discs should be cleaned before use, smooth,
to ensure that no residual in the particles. After use, they should immediately be cleaned, dried in the shade.
3. The operation must be operated indoors and avoid falling sand paint cause scratches.
4. When using the polishing machine, you should avoid prolonged stay in the body angular position,
so as not to throw paint exposed.
5. Note the safe use of abrasive polishing machines.

Package Included:

1 x Set Polishing Buffing Pad


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