Toalla de Microfibra Para Limpieza de Coche Moto Tamaño 160x60cm

Toalla de Microfibra Para Limpieza de Coche Moto Tamaño 160x60cm

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1.It won’t scratch the items.It is suitable for luxury cars, optical instrument, computer, etc
2.Super absorbent ability: the water absorbing capacity of the product is the 6-10 times of ordinary towel.
3.Service life: 3-5 times of ordinary towel.
4.Detail maintenance: this product has the strong ability of electrostatic attraction.The tiny corner of the dust can be cleaned out.It is especially suitable for cleaning dashboard,cushion, etc.
5.Extensive usage:
a.Cleaning Cloth for senior glass
b.Cleaning Cloth for costly furniture
c.Cleaning Cloth for Advanced metal accessories
d.For premium automobile
e.For TV and computer screens(anti-static)
f.For kitchen
g.Used for cleaning body or face(?remove residual dirt from the pores)


3.Material:Fiber Microfiber

Package includes:

1 x Towel

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