Torque Wrench Low Range 5-25Nm 1/4inch Square Drive Ratchet Bikes In Case

Torque Wrench Low Range 5-25Nm 1/4inch Square Drive Ratchet Bikes In Case

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-Ploughshares torque wrench
-Positive and negative shift paddles, quick adjustment.
-Knurled handle design, anti-slip comfort.
-Preset torque control, accurate and precise.


1. Set the torque value:
-Counterclockwise rotation lock handle, loosen the adjustment wheel.
-Rotation adjustment wheel, the main scale and the sub scale (adjustment wheel scale) equal to the sum of the indication and torque values you want to set.
- After the set torque value, tighten the lock lever clockwise torque value of work completed.
2. Insert the wrench into the corresponding square Falcon jacket sleeve sizes;
3. sleeve set into the nut or bolt head;
4. clockwise uniformly biased;
5. When you hear a "click" sound or feel a sense of power when unloading the wrench there, Now that reaches the set torque value;
6. When you have long bolt screwed like a nut or tubing, the sleeve can not work this time, you need to replace the head opening;
-Depressed pin, urging along the de-force direction, you can remove the wrench head.
-Select the appropriate size after opening the head insertion wrench lever is rotated, the positioning pin holes playing into the wrench head can be positioned.


Product name: Torque Wrench
Material: Luo molybdenum steel
Color: Silver
Length: Approx. 26.5cm/10.43"
Torque: 5-25Nm
Head Diameter: Approx. 6mm/0.23"
Weight: 850g

Package includes:

1 x 1/4 Ploughshares torque wrench

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