Product Refund and Restitutions

Product Refund and Restitutions


At PiecesCafeRacer our priority is that you feel satisfied with your purchases and backed by the service we give our customers. Therefore, together with the legal guarantees and those offered by the manufacturers of the products that we sell, we deliver as additional benefits of the company to guarantee your satisfaction, facilitating the changes or returns you need to make. This is how each of the guarantees you can host is working.


If the product you bought does not fall in love or you prefer another simply because you changed your mind, do not worry, you can change it or return it without problems.

Our guaranteed satisfaction commitment allows you to change or return your product up to 30 days after the date you received it. In case of fault or defect, we will take care of the shipping costs. If you want to return it for a change of mind, you must pay the shipping fee, just make sure that the product you want to exchange or return is not used, with all its accessories, original packaging and promotional gifts that have been associated with the purchase .

If the return is produced by a change of opinion, you will have a voucher for the same amount to spend in our store. If it is a return of a defect or defect in the product, you can choose a full refund of the amount of the order.

This warranty does not apply to products made to order. In the case of products that have been reported as being used, the product will not be changed or returned.

In case the customer places an order and the product has an additional delivery period (maximum 12 days), we will inform the customer so that he can cancel the order or proceed with it. In case of not responding within 48 hours, we will take the most favorable option for the customer that will proceed with the shipment of the product.

If the product you bought does not have the technical characteristics informed, it has been damaged or incomplete, do not worry, you can change it immediately. If you have a defect or defect within 3 months from the date of receipt, you may choose to repair your repair free of charge, or refund or return it or reimburse it, provided the product has not been damaged by an attributable Fact to the consumer.

If your product has a manufacturer's warranty, the warranty period will apply, if that term is longer. However, if the product is perishable or is intended to be used or consumed in a short period of time, the return period will be printed on the product or its packaging or, failing that, it will be 7 days. All of these terms will be suspended for as long as the property is repaired in the exercise of your warranty, and until the repair is completed.

A failure or defect will be considered: a) If products subject to safety standards or quality of compliance do not comply with the corresponding specifications; (B) If the materials, parts, parts, elements, substances or ingredients that constitute or integrate the products do not correspond to the specifications they carry or to the indications of the labeling; C) If any product, due to defects in manufacturing, processing, materials, parts, parts, elements, substances, ingredients, structure, quality or sanitary conditions, if appropriate, is not entirely fit for use or consumption for which it is intended O That the supplier would have indicated in his advertising; D) If the supplier and the consumer have agreed that the products covered by the contract must meet certain specifications and this does not happen; E) If, after the first performance of the guarantee and the provision of the corresponding technical service, the deficiencies that are imposed on the good improper for the use or consumption referred to in letter c) are maintained. This right shall continue to exist in the case of a deficiency other than that which was the object of the technical service, or reappear within the time limits referred to in the following article; F) If the thing object of the contract has hidden defects or defects that prevent the use to which it is habitually destined; G) If the law of metals in the articles of goldsmithery, jewelry and others is inferior to that in them indicated. To this end, it is considered a single good that has been sold as a whole, even if it is composed of different units, parts, pieces or modules, although they may or may not be useful independently of each other.

Notwithstanding, in the case of its replacement, it may be carried out in respect of a unit, part, piece or module, provided that it is equal to the one to which it is restored.

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