Franela / Recubrimiento de Tela 12mm para Cableado de Coche Moto

Franela / Recubrimiento de Tela 12mm para Cableado de Coche Moto

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Description :

12mm Braided Expandable Sheathing Auto Wire Cable Gland Sleeving High Density

Easy to bend for its excellent softness.
Expandable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic.
Good flexibility, elasticity, thermal insulation and abrasion resistance.
Quick and easy installation over large connectors and long runs is allowed  for its unique braided construction and wide expandability.
The high quality braided cable sleeving is widely used in electronics, automotive, marine and industrial wire harnessing applications where cost efficiency and durability are very critical.

Specification :

Color : Black
Material : PET
Diameter : 12mm
Melting point : 230 ℃ ± 5
Tinting strength : 100 ± 5 ℃
Fireproofing grade : UL94V-2
Temperature endurance :   - 50 ℃ ~ +150 ℃
Length : 1m  /  2m  /  5m  / 10m

Package included :

1 x 12mm Braided Cable Sleeving

Details pictures :

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